Mr. Harris' Schedule

1st Hour - Personal Finance
2nd Hour - Website Design
3rd Hour - Plan Period
4th Hour - Personal Finance
5th Hour - Computer Technology
6th Hour - Computer Technology
7th Hour - Digital Publishing/Multimedia

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Mrs. Heddinger's Schedule

1st Hour - Accounting I & II
2nd Hour - Personal Finance
3rd Hour - Plan Period
4th Hour - Computer Technology/Banking & Financial Services
5th Hour - Network Admin & Accounting II
6th Hour - Business Management I / Business Management II
7th Hour - Business Technology

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Business Technology

The business technology program focuses on business management, marketing, communications, technology, coding, banking & financial services, desktop publishing, multimedia projects, personal finance, and website development. Students will be using industry certified training materials and will have the opportunity to gain recognized certification within the training area.

Future Business Leaders of America
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) that provides an opportunity for high school students to compete with thousands of students from across America in a wide variety of topics. Topics include Accounting, Personal Finance, Website Design, Impromptu Speaking, Public Speaking I & II, Business Ethics, and many more. FBLA also provides community service and leadership opportunities for students. For more information please go to the 
NTS FBLA website.